In English is the Danish daughter company to a Scandinavian news and knowledge portal covering all aspects of additive manufacturing, rapid prototyping and 3D printing – equipment, technology, materials, software, applications, events, innovations, best practices, tests and more. We publish a weekly newsletter with the latest industry news.

The website is run by the Scandinavian publishing house AGI, with more than 40 years of experience of covering the publishing and printing industry, in magazines and on the web.

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We also organise the following conferences:
AM-Dagen (The Additive Manufacturing Day), a full day conference on additive technologies, software, materials, applications, trends and success stories for the automotive, aerospace and tooling industries.

3DP Dental is a full day conference on 3d printed dental constructions, intraoral scanning, digital dental workflows and material knowledge for dental labs, dental technicians and dentists.

3DP FASHION is a conference where 3d printing meets the fashion world. Here, we cover areas such as personalisation, production economy, creativity and design freedom for Swedish fashion brands that work with products such as apparel, jewellery, eyewear, shoes and wearable technology.

3dp Build is a full day conference for architects and construction companies. THe conference aims to show how 3d printing technology and surrounding technologies can be utilized to create advanced and full colour model, as well as produce large-scale building components with complex details and in new, innovative materials. Held on April 20 in Stockholm.

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Lis Lykke, redaktør, +45 28 11 02 44,
Søren Winsløw, redaktør, +45 61 22 59 97,


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